In addition to knowing that all the income sources as reported actually exist, we also want to be aware of all the expenses and liabilities associated with a prospective investment. I’ve added to favourites added to bookmarks. I did then again experience several technical points the usage of this web site, since I experienced to reload the site lots of times prior to I may get it to load correctly. Commentaire de soontobeDK I hate it. I’ve became a member of the rss feed and check forward to while in the track down added within your great article.

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Cachet kiroptyrique

Ce site requiert JavaScript pour fonctionner. Veuillez activer JavaScript dans votre navigateur. Commentaires Commentaire de pewpewx Honestly I would rather have on-use haste matriix passive agility instead.

And the 1 min 30 sec CD is really awkward Commentaire de Luuchithefallen Trinket isn’t that great For hunters, it might eventually serve as a replacement for Fluid Death if it doesn’t hurt your hit rating too bad. Other than that with the odd cooldown timer and the general fact it’s a on-demand proc doesn’t make it that good. I wouldn’t call it bad though, but it PALES in comparison to your other options which are Fureur du déchaînement and Boussole de l’attrapeur d’étoiles However the on-use agility can be calculated to an equivalent of a agility gain if you’re using it as soon as it goes off cooldown.

Commentaire de Neazy Stacking cooldowns definitely helps, but it’s not enough to offset the 76 less agility this has compared to the compass. I doubt this trinket would even be better than heroic Hungerer or heroic Matrix Restabilizer. Commentaire de Navaros From an enhancement shaman perspective, you should NOT be considering spending a week-and-a-half’s worth of valor points on this trinket for quite some time after 4.

Unless you really can’t find any better use for your valor points, stay clear of this baby. I don’t know why this keeps getting the occasional downrate. To an enhancement shaman this IS a poor value for the valor points you have to spend on it. Once again, Matrid speak from an enhancement shaman perspective and don’t claim relevance to any other class. Of course, not putting in consideration of the Use: Commentaire de Zoni Matrlx by the Valor Point vendor for points.

Commentaire de Rolleri Does this share any cd with the Avengers of Hyjal trinket? Commentaire de Desoi Fantastic trinket for Combat rogues, perfectly itemized and easy to get.

wow matrix 5.0.4

It’s brilliant for nuke situations like Tendons on spine or everything on Madness. Fureur du déchaînement With Kiroptyric Sigil depends on your attack power, but they certainly work as a BiS pair. Vial of shadows doesn’t synergize with Kiroptyric Sigil so well, there’s an okay chance that The damage proc won’t go off while you have the agility bonus. It’s cooldown comes back very close to Adrenaline rush.


The proc isn’t haste, meaning it’s not gimped during adrenaline rush. Commentaire de Baneleaf As a combat rogue I decided to try this out last night after our main raid 10 man. I picked it up and paired it with the Matrix Restabilizer. It is on a macro with AR and I was using an agility pot when it was up. Lets just say dayem. The results were outstanding with me doing 8k more dps 2 million damage more than 2nd place.

I got similar results on the ship.

Other than a dow dummy those were my two test and I am keeping this combination for a long time. I do want to go after the heroic matrix at some point. My standing haste with the trinket is with a few items to still upgrade from t11 and t12 but for combat this trinket wiw a must imo. Commentaire de Sorzzara As a rogue, you should not bother buying this trinket.

The overall Agi gain is not much more than for Fluid Death, thanks to the stupid 1: Would be great if it were one minute. It lines up nicely with AR as stated above, but in a non-perfect fight, eow can be more of a hassle than a gain.

And most importantly, there is not one, but THREE passive trinkets to have in DS, which are better suited for rogues, but not a single necklace or cloak.

wow matrix 5.0.4

Was just using a meme along with humor to provide an alternative trinket choice. The iLvl is lower, but still a great choice. Commentaire de Kathucka The stats are reversed from what you’d usually want.

Palefroi ailé de la Lame d’ébène

Ordinarily, you’d want a permanent primary stat and an on-use secondary stat. That contributes better to overall DPS. There are a few fights in Dragon Soul where burst damage woow a lot. In particular, the tendon on Spine of Deathwing needs to be knocked down very quickly. This trinket, especially paired with other cooldowns such as potions and class abilities, gives a tremendous boost in DPS for a short amount of time, and is ideal for fights where that’s required.

wow matrix 5.0.4

Commentaire de XKingMega This is an amazing item, but for some odd reason, the haste will not be reforged into anything except Spirit. Myself being a 5.0.4 cat feral druidI wanted to reforge the haste into some critical strike chance. It is unknown if this is purposeful or just a glitch, but as of 4. Fixed, after a reload suggested by Ilamuku, it fixed itself. Commentaire de Kaitain There is one fight in the current content 4. Spine of Deathwing Heroic. Reason being that overall the DPS requirements wpw the fight are easy matfix meet, except at one wo The DPS requirement in those 20 or so seconds are immense.

As such it’s a great help to get this trinket and save it for the Tendon burn moments. So if you are currently working through Dragon Soul Heroic but not yet at Spine, and don’t know what to do with all your excess Valor Points, get one of the Use marix. Commentaire de Rampager Just got this trinket, was afraid it was the wrong choice but seeing on forums giving great feedback about it. I am very happy i bought it: The 1min 30 sec cooldown is great.


Commentaire de iamleejn Fun fact: Seems to fit well with the batman themed rogue T Commentaire de Random This trinket, Spine of Deathwing. Commentaire de Everlearning This trinket is not that amazing for katrix classes however it is superior for all agility users on fights such as heroic hagara and spine. The 15 second burst periods make this trinket a must, especially if your group is still learning the fight and working on moving around while maximizing there DPS.

Commentaire de AuraLucario Let me give a unbiased and casual player viewpoint on this item. The only other trinket worth mentioning is the Matrix or Hungerer from Firelands, but hey, if you cant raid in DS10 what makes you think you can raid in FL? Although many people will take me for a joke from saying this but I will say it anyways, this trinket is a BiS pre-raid trinket will 5.04. for intense short burst usuage and matfix dramatically increase your dps. It is worth the valor points.

Also Depending on your Current Haste Rating you can choose to reforge the haste into something else like Crit if you like. This trinket maybe macro’d for hunters with explosive shot, Chimera Shot or Kill Command.

Or you can save it for whenever you want to do burst damage. Commentaire de Ww So Is this good for Hunters? Too many comments about rogues and shamans. The trinkets won’t drop in DS for me, should I get it? Commentaire de trollshaman For a ilvl hunter my two lowest pieces atm are Fureur du déchaînement and Boussole de sow d’étoiles would this be a decent upgrade. I cannot find another use for my valor points other than switching to conquest which would be a nice boost for my pvp set.

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Commentaire de albinoblacksheep The matrux this trinket matirx on use is Agile. Commentaire de Baelabog Did this get taken out with the patch? I can’t see it on the vendor with my rogue or druid. Commentaire de markiog Following patch 5.

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